Electric machines and drives, including various types of electric motors, play an ever-increasing role in our society. In the way of making Europe the first climate neutral continent in the world, electrification of mobility and other sectors is crucial for emission reduction. In addition, electric machines and drives are vital in green energy production. In order to achieve a breakthrough in the field of energy efficient electric motors, novel approaches are needed: high performance sustainable materials and multi material manufacturing technologies suitable for complex geometrics and capabilities to design and simulate structures and components based on those.


The ambitious goal of MultiMag is to develop novel design tools, high performance materials and multi-material additive manufacturing (MM-AM) processes, hence, to manufacture ready assembled lightweight components for electric machines and leading to better performing machines, improved energy efficiency and shorter lead times.

MultiMag will develop a holistic approach to additively manufacture multi-material, multi-functional structures and components for electric machines with remarkable advances in their performance, light weighting and lead time. After use, the components can be dismantled, and the materials recycled effectively.


Designs for lightweight, energy efficient, sustainable high performance parts and constructions


Materials suitable for MM-AM, having required functionality and being sustainable

MM-AM processes

Processes for realising designed structures and components reliably in industrial quantities

End of Life

Novel recycling route for REEs and verification of solution sustainability


Industrially relevant environment validated integrated use case constructions


Results allow not only to improve the performance of current motors, but to develop new products for existing and new markets. Increased manufacturing efficiency (i.e., reduction of steps needed for assembled product) leads inevitably to reduced lead-time of MM-AM components and also simplify the supply chain. MultiMag will demonstrate remarkable improvement in electric motor performance, namely in torque density and power density. With the rise of MM-AM of hard materials, Europe can take again the leading role and industrial leadership in the field of AM.
In the field of consumer goods, MultiMag will bring an improvement of power-to-weight ratio in hand held machines (e.g., cordless drill) increasing the competitiveness, but also usability and user experience of such devices.

MultiMag will mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gas (e.g., CO2) emissions as less energy is used for production of raw materials and reduced weight enable energy savings during operation. Knowledge gained in MultiMag supports also development of energy efficiency generators, to be used in various green energy production solutions. Last, but not least, the new multi-material structures enabled by MM-AM will decrease use of critical raw materials and improve power-to-weight ratio of the electric machines.


MultiMag consortium has partners from 9 different
countries with a wide geographical distribution within
the European continent. It is bringing together raw material
suppliers, end-users and RTO’s for joint development
of novel solutions in the field of magnetic applications and
electric machines. Participants from all parts of the value
chain enable rapid development and uptake by the industry.